The Spiderwick Chronicles

During pre-production of Paramount Pictures' "The Spiderwick Chronicles" I worked closely with Production Designer Jim Bissell to turn the world of the original "Spiderwick" book series into a built reality for the film. The story is centred inside the Victorian era Spiderwick Estate where two twin brothers and their sister use a Field Guide filled with magical spells and recipes in order to ward off the otherworldly creatures who are after them. Their grandmother has long since turned the mansion into a magical machine capable of keeping these creatures at away. Oak leaves and acorns in particular have a powerful effect on the goblins, very much like garlic to a vampire, which is why the designs for the interior of the home so heavily incorporates the oak leaf and acorn motifs. The huge mansion was built from scratch in a nature preserve on the outskirts of Montreal, including a complete interior finsihing of the entire ground floor and stairway. This entire floor interior was once again painstakingly rebuilt to an exact match inside a film studio as well.